The Side Passion Project


We hear all the time about the risk takers, the people who drop everything to follow their bliss, travel the world, become a writer/painter...

But if you have interests, ideas and passions, as well as a deep sense of responsibility and integrity to the life and family you are building -- you may feel a little left out. 

But here’s the deal, it does not need to be an all-or-none proposition. You can pursue your interests, ideas and passions, AND be pragmatic and responsible in other important parts of your life.  

You can do it on the side.

doing it on the side. The Side Passion Project podcasT.

Doing It On the Side is the podcast that explores a new way of looking at how our interests, ideas and passions can fit into our lives.

Listen to stories of everyday people and the fascinating things they’re doing on the side, how they got here, and how they make it work day-to-day—along with guest expert perspectives that intersect with the concept of “doing it on the side”.

Or, share your side passion story!

Tune in for inspiring stories & fresh ideas that can help you nurture, or unlock—your own side passion. 

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