Wondering what to expect in our interview?

It will be casual! Please don’t stress. 

This will be a conversation about you and your story, enjoy it!


  • I will welcome you to the show. 
  • I will ask you to share a brief overview of who you are and what you're up to when you're NOT involved in your side passion.
  • Then, we will talk about your side passion: How you came to doing it, how it fits into your life, how your life is different with your side passion in it, what you get out of it, how you balance with the rest of your life. 
  • I may ask you to share your best advice for others who are looking a side thing, or are seeking guidance on how to make it work in their life.

3 steps to a great experience with the podcast:


Step #1. Send your photo & complete agreement

Prior to your interview:

  1. Please email me a high resolution digital image for use in promotions
  2. Complete the guest participation agreement


Step #2. Ensuring a great recording

Because I want you to sound great on your interview, I have send you a headset with microphone to use in our interview. It should about a week prior to our call. If it doesn't please drop me an email.

About a week prior to our call please review the following:

  • Internet Connection.  Connect to Ethernet if you can. Wifi is great, but can sometimes be spotty. To connect to Ethernet you’ll need to connect a line to your modem. Google “connect to Ethernet + [mac or pc] + {cable provider name]” and you’ll surely find what you need for your system. 
  • Check for any auto running programs and sounds and familiarize yourself with how to turn them off.  In your Skype settings click the “Mute all sounds” button on the “Sounds” tab to eliminate Skype sounds from the recording.
  • Connect and test the headset mic that has been sent to you.  Open System Preferences and go into Sound. Under “Input”, select you’re the headset/mic (be sure it’s plugged in). Try talking as you would when we do our interview. You will notice that the input level jumps around as you speak. You should adjust your input volume so that at your loudest you’re about 80-90% of the max of the input level indicator. (Don't put it at max as this will cause noticeable distortions.) Try talking how you would on the phone with a friend!

Step #3. Day of interview and follow up

  1. Review the guidelines below on the day of our call. 
  2. After the call, return the headset using the envelope it arrived in and the enclosed stamp

Day of call preparation:

Reduce household noise

  • Talk to anyone you share your home with and ask that they avoid playing videos, video games, or downloading large files while you are on the call.
  • Ask anyone in the house to be quiet during the call. ☺ 
  • If you have a dog who might bark, have someone in the house how can help quiet or take outside.
  • Turn off TVs, radios and stereos, or turn their sound way down.
  • Turn off noisy air-conditioning, heaters, fans and also washing machines, dryers, dishwashers.
  • Use a room with soft furnishings rather than an echoey room like a kitchen.
  • Close external windows and doors to minimize noises from outside.
  • Close the curtains / drapes in your room as this helps to reduce echoes.
  • Mute your cell-phone.

Prep your computer system

  • Close all programs except Skype. 
  • Check your system for any running programs and sounds. 
  • Connect to Ethernet if you can.
  • Plug in your headset/mic and adjust any settings. 
  • Once on the call, don't touch the mic and you'll want to avoid fidgeting :-) … watch for chair noises, table kicks, pen clicks, paper rustling etc.