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Are your people burned out on hearing "do what you love", but still want to well... do what they love? 

Vanessa Soto, Founder of The Side Passion Project

Vanessa Soto, Founder of The Side Passion Project

So many people have ideas, interests and passions they want to pursue full-time. 

My brother-in-law the public defender yearns to open a little 20-seat restaurant, or maybe a neighborhood bar. My work colleague dreams of leaving corporate marketing and becoming an interior designer. A few years ago I was pretty certain I wanted to be a life coach full-time.

But with kids to send to college and mortgages to pay, it's quite often just not an option to drop everything to follow that passion.

So what do you do? Certainly not wait until retirement... 

No way.

I'm posing a new alternative: You can do it on the side.



image: Unsplash

image: Unsplash

interviews + speaking

I offer a fresh perspective to your audience based on my own experience, that of dozens of real-people I've interviewed and research from thought-leaders.

Always totally customizable, some of topics I speak on are:

  • How your vocation enables you to afford your avocation AKA, "Thank You Job" 
  • How pursuing your creative ideas and projects on the side can actually help you find greater fulfillment in your day job
  • Why being "too busy" is keeping you stuck
  • Keeping it tiny:  Your perfect, little jewelbox of a business

Drop me a note below and tell me about how I can work with you and your podcast, event or group! 

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