There's Nothing Wrong With Wanting to Keep Your Day Job

image courtesy: Stocksy

image courtesy: Stocksy

The other day a Twitter friend tweeted me this article by Bianca Bass over on Medium. It had me with the headline: Dear Internet, Stop Telling Me to Quit My Job.

YES! It is so true, and so much a part of why I started The Side Passion Project in the first place. 

It feels like everywhere you turn there's another blog or video or article or book about how you can earn 6 figures in your sleep, by Saturday, so you can quit your job and and live on "passive income" or travel the world.

I know there are some people who really do live these lives. And hey, that's great. Seriously, making money in your sleep while you travel the world is nothing to sneeze at! 

But, what if you really, actually kind of like your day job.  Find it fulfilling in certain ways. Or god forbid, you actually need the money and appreciate that bi-weekly paycheck? 

Instead of sharing quotes like “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, why don’t we start celebrating those who are doing the best they can, with what they currently have?
— Bianca Bass

Personally, I relate a lot more to people who are doing what they love, AND also doing what they need to do to support themselves, raise their families and live a life that their creative side project just can't support.

And these people are extra interesting too, because they've traveled paths where they've needed to make choices, and have chosen the more complex path.

Paths with lots more twists and turns.

Paths requiring making choices in order to find time to do that thing you love - on top of a full-time life.

Listen to stories of the fascinating things everyday people are doing on top of jobs, family and life in general in the Doing It On the Side podcast.