Making the Time for Your Side Project

image: Unsplash

image: Unsplash

I often hear stories of other peoples excuses for why they don't have the time for a side project of their own. I've heard it from myself from colleagues at work, and on a few very short first dates. 

I get it. I didn't have any side projects when my daughter was little. I wasn't thinking about starting a side business when I was in the thick of the rough years that led to my divorce.

During those seasons of my  life, there wasn't space in my head to even think of things I wanted to do, it was more about getting through the day.

The reality is, the time is there. It’s just a matter of prioritizing it and setting it aside.
— Hanna Brooks Olsen

So I can fully understand that at times in life there just isn't time for one more thing. But, here's the deal, if there's something you really want to do. You will find the time. 

This article, Nights And Weekends: How To Make Time For Side Projects over on the Creative Live blog has many awesome tips to help you find the time. Also, be sure to check out Chase Jarvis' interview with Austin Kleon while you're there, it's a good one! 

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