Vanessa Soto, Founder of The Side Passion Project

Vanessa Soto, Founder of The Side Passion Project

Why The Side Passion Project?

Because we all need to do more of what we love. It's just not often as simple as that...

Vanessa Soto is a digital marketing exec, life coach and founder of The Side Passion Project. By weekday she produces advertising campaigns for a Fortune 500 company, and by weekend she coaches, blogs for The Huffington Post and Medium and produces the Doing It On the Side podcast.

Vanessa founded The Side Passion Project to start a conversation that she wasn't finding anywhere else. 

While there are countless books and blogs talking about how to "quit your day job and follow your passion" (over 8.7 million Google entries!) or how to "start a side hustle and quit your day job" (500,000 and counting) - there was no one acknowledging the reality that for most people, quitting a job is just not a practical or realistic option.  

Yes, many people dream of quitting their day jobs to pursue their passion full-time! But in a world where it's getting harder and harder to afford to buy a house, or save for your kids' college education - quitting the day job is often not financially possible or in integrity with what you want for yourself and your family.  

But that does not mean that people need to wait for retirement. (nor are they!)

Through her own experience building a coaching business on top of a full-time life, Vanessa found an immense amount of fulfillment and personal satisfaction. While she originally embarked on coaching with a vision of making it her sole work, she got a surprise along the way. She found that having her side business actually made her happier and more engaged at work (and in life!). She appreciated her job for enabling her weekend work, and the combination of both allowed her to use all her strengths and talents.

And Vanessa is not alone.  There are so many stories of people intentionally pursuing their interests and ideas as side projects and side businesses, and The Side Passion Project exists to shine a light of them and bring forward the concept that following your passion need not be an either-or proposition. You can do it on the side.